In the world of golf, everyone knows Jack Nicklaus!  He's a golf legend.  Nicklaus, nicknamed the "Golden Bear", is widely regarded as one of the best professional golfers of all time.

Jack (age 76) makes the trip to Augusta National Golf Course to take part in the Master's opening ceremonies every year, even though he's been retired from the tour since 2005.

So what does a golf legend who is so widely recognized do when he's asked for ID as he's attending the tournament he's won 6 times?

Jack got stopped by Augusta security and was checked for Identification as he makes the turn into Augusta National Golf Club by a poor security guard who did not recognize him.

The PGA's Masters Golf Tournament is being played at Augusta National Golf Club this weekend and can be watched both online, on the tournament's app, as well as on television.  For more info on the Masters tournament as well as a list of players and schedule of events go to