Last week we posted a poll on whether state residents are getting tired of hearing about Taylor Swift.

Here are the results, with a total of 663 people responding:

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C-I don't know

While the vote may not have been all that close, opinions on both sides were pretty emphatic.  For example, here are some of the comments  from our Facebook page on the "No" side

Here Are Some Of The Facebook Comments

Gabriel Montoya wrote ''Imagine being mad at some girl who had no effect on your life because she supports her boyfriend  Yet here everybody is..... still talking about it lol''
Marsha Anderson has this to say: 'Nope... she's just a chic supporting her dude who happens to play's the haters making a big deal out of it.'' 
Kay Dee Bergstrom posted this comment ''No! I'm tired of others having an issue!!''
But the other side of the question generated some pretty strong opinions as well.
Cherie Przymus left little doubt where she stands "Absolutely! Yes yes yes!"
And there was this from Vanessa Romero Schwarting: "The cameras need to get her off so we can watch football. If I wanted to see Taylor I would go to a concert. It’s making people not like her or Kelce. Let them keep their personal lives personal so they can maybe make it. I’m tired of it. I watch a game for the game not who is attending. I’m over it."
Rick Zinser had these comments ''Had no idea who she was before this season but yes, she can leave "swiftly."
And of course, some people just don't care. Like Ann Lucas, who wrote: ''I don't care, really. I don't know her or her music or anything at all about the boyfriend or his football team. Yawn.''
While Taylor Swift is likely to be a huge media presence for the foreseeable future, the 2024 NFL season will come to an end with the Super Bowl on Sunday,

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