The 2024 session of the Wyoming Legislature gets underway on Monday, February 12 in Cheyenne.

The session is slated as a 20-day budget session in even-numbered years and a 40-day general session in odd-numbered years. Although budget sessions are, as the name suggests, focused on a state budget, non-budget bills can be introduced with a 2/3 majority vote.

A long list of non-budget bills have already been proposed for this session, dealing with a wide range of topics, including the elimination of gun-free zones, banning the teaching of critical race theory, guaranteeing access to abortions, school safety, and many others

The deadline for filing bill drafts with the Legislative Service Office in Wednesday, Feb. 14 at noon, so there is a good possibility that more bills for the session will yet be filed.

The session is slated to get underway this morning at 10 a.m. with Governor Mark Gordon addressing a Joint Session of the legislature with his annual ''State of the State" address.

You can see a schedule for the session here. The session is scheduled to wrap up by midnight on March 8.

Double Decker Coffee Bus

YES, you can enjoy your beverage upstairs.

The beautiful double-decker bus can be seen parked around Casper Wyoming in the summer.

They serve traditional coffee - various mixed coffee drinks - and real fruit smoothies.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods