For the record, this article is not there to spam you.

I just found an easy way to shop and thought I'd pass it along.

Getting that gift for some people on Christmas is never easy.

So let's cheat a little.

There is a website where you can shop for local Wyoming gifts, right from home.

Okay, sure, you can visit these stores in person, that's always a lot more fun.

But since Wyoming is so spread out, it might be better to just order and let them deliver.

Don't worry about it getting there on time.

These are smaller, local shops.

They don't shop in the volume that major retailers do so it usually doesn't take long.


attachment-Shop Wyoming website

About the Marketplace is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) .

This e-commerce platform is specifically designed to help Wyoming small businesses market and sell their products to local and national customers.

The objective of this site is to help small businesses launch an e-commerce presence that will reach current customers, find new customers, and increase sales volume and profit.

Every purchase made on this site directly benefits a Wyoming small business.

I found quite a few things while just sitting at home, clicking around on my tablet.

No driving, shipping is easy, and BOOM- Christmas shopping is DONE!

Andrey Popov


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