Who would Ozzy Osbourne choose to make up his ultimate dream band? This legendary vocalist had two iconic guitarists and a world-renowned bassist at the ready when answering the question and also offered up one player with whom he's previously shared concert stages on tour.

Who Did Ozzy Osbourne Pick for His Dream Band?

Once the question was posed during The Osbournes podcast by a viewer and read off by Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy wasted little time in rattling off several key positions around him.

"I'd have John Lennon, Paul McCartney, me, Jimi Hendrix," stated the Black Sabbath legend.

Reminded by Sharon Osbourne that he hadn't named a drummer, Osbourne chose a player he's previously played with, taking a second to think about it before answering "Tommy Clufetos" which earned a head nod from Sharon and Jack Osbourne with Ozzy's son adding, "That'd be quite the gig."

Clufetos has enjoyed a long stint playing drums for Osbourne in his solo band and was the drummer chosen to fill-in for Bill Ward on Black Sabbath's final tour when Ward bowed out over a contractual dispute.

Ozzy Osbourne Names His Ultimate Dream Band

Ozzy Osbourne's Love of The Beatles

Osbourne has previously gone on record with his love of The Beatles, whom he told Rolling Stone in 2022 was his favorite artist to this day. Osbourne says that the Beatles are a part of his daily listening habits, and he revealed that "Darkside Blues" off the Patient Number 9 solo album is his conceptual homage to the Beatles runout groove on "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

Osbourne also tried to get McCartney to play bass on his 2001 song "Dreamer," but McCartney claimed that Robert Trujillo's bass track was too good to replace.

Ozzy told Classic Rock that The Beatles' "She Loves You" was the song that changed his life, explaining, "'She Loves You' had such an impact on me. I remember exactly where I was. I was walking down Witton Road in Aston, I had a blue transistor radio and when that song came on I knew from then on what I wanted to do with my life."

He continued, "This was so brand new and it gave me a great feeling. Then I became an avid Beatles fan – they were great. I owe my career to them because they gave me the desire to want to be in the music game."

Osbourne also famously covered The Beatles' "In My Life" on his Under Cover album.

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Earlier this year, Ozzy confessed on The Osbournes podcast, ""I'm a big Beatle fan and when I first met Paul McCartney, it was like meeting Jesus Christ."

He then added, "He was a very nice man. And when I got a Grammy, he followed up with my producer to congratulate me. That was very, very special."

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