After first forming in 1976, veteran rock band Kix called it a career on Sunday night (Sept. 17) in Columbia, Maryland. The band had announced their intent to stage a farewell show earlier this year, and they put an end to years of rocking with one final blowout, welcoming back some former members in the process and celebrating not only the band but those behind the scenes who helped them perform in six decades.

“After much thought we have decided to call it a career,” said frontman Steve Whiteman back in May. “It was obviously not an easy decision to make, but the right one at this time in our lives for our families and the band.”

The show featured the returns of guitarists Ronnie Younkins and Brad Divens, each appearing on multiple songs on their own, while pairing up with the rest of the band for the final two songs in the set, "Tear Down These Walls / Walkin' Away" and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

In a class move, Steve Whiteman not only introduced the current and former band members on hand, but also allowed their concert booker, manager, sound guy, lighting guy, drum tech and guitar tech all some proper respect with a chance to take a bow as well. You can see fan-shot footage of the band's final farewell to the audience along with several song performances and the setlist from their final show below.

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Over the course of their career, Kix released seven studio albums. They enjoyed their greatest success back in 1988 with their Blow My Fuse album, which went on to achieve platinum status.

Kix "Walkin' Away: The Final Show" Sept. 17, 2023 Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md. (per

1. "Atomic Bombs" (with Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
2. "The Kid" (with Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
3. "Midnite Dynamite"
4. "No Ring Around Rosie"
5. "Fireballs / Body Talk / Ball Baby / Luv-a-Holic / Love at First Sight / Love Pollution" (instrumental)
6. "Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT"
7. "Scarlet Fever"
8. "Don't Close Your Eyes"
9. "Girl Money"
10. "Book to Hypnotize / Cool Kids / Cold Chills / Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)" (instrumental)
11. "The Itch"
12. "For Shame" (with Brad Divens on guitar)
13. "Mighty Mouth" (with Brad Divens on guitar)
14. "Cold Shower" (guitar duo intro)
15. "Cold Blood" (Ronnie Younkins guitar solo intro; drum solo outro)
16. "Blow My Fuse" (Ronnie Younkins on guitar)
17. "Tear Down the Walls / Walkin' Away" (with Ronnie Younkins and Brad Divens on guitar)
18. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" (with Ronnie Younkins and Brad Divens on guitar)

Kix, "Atomic Bombs"

Kix, "Midnite Dynamite"

Kix, "Blow My Fuse"

Kix and Crew Take Their Final Bow

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This time, they meant it.