Drummer Phil Rudd was noticeably absent from AC/DC's Power Trip festival appearance earlier this fall, but it appears as though he has designs on returning to the band for any future appearances that they might have.

Drummer Matt Laug was named as a fill-in for the band's Power Trip performance, with the band announcing the switch but offering no further details ahead of the highly anticipated festival event. At the time, they offered a preview of a rehearsal that featured Laug and bassist Cliff Williams coming out of retirement to take part in the show.

But speaking in a new interview with New Zealand's Stuff, Rudd offered hope for his eventual return to the group, stating, “I look forward to playing with them again in the future … rock on.” The magazine noted that there have been talks of a potential world tour in 2024, but no official announcement has been made as of yet.

Meanwhile, the focus of the interview centered on a personal struggle that Rudd is currently facing as the musician is preparing to part with some of his AC/DC memorabilia in order to raise funds for his longtime friend, Toni Wilson, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal breast cancer.

"I'd give it all up, throw it on a bonfire, if it meant it would give Toni more time," stated Rudd. The article noted that Wilson had been given six months to live six months ago, and Rudd added that she's been told she'll be lucky to make it to Christmas. "She’s the love of my life. My best friend. All the money in the world can buy you things, but it can’t buy you time."

So Rudd is selling off some of his AC/DC gear and memorabilia and donating the money to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Among the items going on the block will include one of his sports cars and the drumsticks he used to play on "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock ’N’ Roll)" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

“We’ve always been close, but this has brought us closer. Him selling off all his stuff - that’s just Phil,” says Wilson.

Chief executive of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, Ah-Leen Rayner, added, "It’s really touching Phil Rudd has chosen to support us because of his personal connection to this awful disease ...Phil’s generous donation will help us do more of this work towards our ambitious vision of zero deaths from breast cancer. What a unique way for AC/DC fans to make a difference to a good cause."

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As stated, Rudd does intend to return to rocking at some point. But at present he is focusing on arranging details for the location and sale of his items to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

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