School is getting ready to begin again (and in some cases, already has), and parents want to share photos of their children on social media for all their friends and family to see. That being said, the Natrona County Sheriff's Office has shared some great tips to keep those kiddos safe.

The official Natrona County Sheriff's Office Facebook page posted a photo comparison of Sergeant Katie Preciado, with the informative caption that read:

📚✏️Back to school! 🍎
As you document your child's First Day of School with those memorable signs, be sure to prioritize safety.
Information like the student's school and teacher's name, age and grade, and full name can be used by predators and scammers, regardless of your privacy settings. Think about the background of the photo and the type of information it could give away to predators.
Consider taking two versions of the picture instead, one for your trusted circle and the other for your social media post. Let's create joyful memories while keeping our kiddos safe!

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The safety of our children should always be of the utmost importance. Big thanks to that Natrona County Sheriff's Office for sharing these tips.

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