There's no doubt, Wyoming is one of the most patriotic states in the country, and supporting our Veterans is important to us all.

Casper College is a great example of that. Ranked in the Top 10 most military friendly schools in the the country, the Casper College Veterans Services department is a perfect way to gauge that.

The department is lead by Dr. Nicholas Whipps and has a great group of Veterans that continue to make the program one of the top in the country.

Recently the group was on hand when Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, declared June Veterans Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.

There's not enough gratitude to show these men and women for the dedication and sacrifice they've made for this country. The work these Veterans continue to do, taking care of others and helping them succeed, is truly heroic. It's extremely inspiring seeing the hard working Veterans will put their own struggles aside to show their love for their fellow Vets, our country and continue to make a difference.

I had a chance to talk with a couple of those inspiring Veterans, Caleb Lindsay and Grant Taylor, about a chance for all of us to hear first hand stories from a former Army Green Beret, father and CEO of the Global War On Terrorism Memorial Foundation, Michael "Rod" Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, was deployed 10 times, a sniper instructor and assisted in evacuating U.S. allied personnel and their families from Afghanistan in 2021. He's also an metal artist that's had his work in some of the nations most coveted institutions.

The Casper College Veterans Services invite you to spend a couple hours Thursday June 15th at 1pm in the Wheeler Concert Hall on Campus, followed by a reception in the Veterans Resource Center. You'll hear first hand stories from the Rodriguez's time serving, more information on how the Global War On Terrorism Memorial Foundation is growing and impacting the U.S.

Dean Morgan Junior High Holds Assembly to Honor Veterans Past, Present, and Future

On Friday, November 11, 2022 Dean Morgan Junior High hosted an assembly to honor veterans past, present and future. 

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