Roosevelt High School student Trevor Jackson can bench-press 185 pounds, dead-lift 365 pounds, and squat-lift 205 pounds.

Jackson's friend and fellow Roosevelt student Kazden Hossack can bench-press 65 pounds, dead-lift 185 pounds and squat-lift 115 pounds.

They're good, so good they and two of their fellow students took state titles in their weight classes.

At the end of the month, they and students from Kelly Walsh and Natrona County high schools will be going to the national high school powerlifting championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Monday, they and their coaches left their weights behind to meet with the Natrona County School District board of trustees.

In recent months, the board has been hosting students from groups including the Future Farmers of America to the Kelly Walsh High School girls volleyball team.

Monday, it was the powerlifters' turn.

"Powerlifting is one of those sports that don't get a lot of exposure," coach Bart Stricklin told the trustees. "They invested a lot of time and their own money to get to where they are today."

While they're competitors with the teams from the other schools, they also support each other when they meet for all-day training sessions and meets, Stricklin said.

"It's pretty interesting to see these kids cheer for each other, even if it means if they may not get first place, some one else might," he said.

The trustees were impressed, too.

"It's just exposing another wonderful thing that's happening here in the Natrona County School District," board Chairman Ray Catellier said.

"Thank you all for coming and congratulations for making it to nationals; that's a pretty big deal," Catellier said. "Good work."

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