Two Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers have been promoted to Sergeant roles in the Training Academy for new recruits.

Sergeant Day has been with the WHP since 2021 as a State Trooper in the Casper office. He has been passionate about public service since he was nineteen serving as a volunteer firefighter and police officer before joining the Patrol.

Day has been recognized multiple times in his career with the WHP including a Colonel's Leadership Award as well as Colonel's Commendation.

Sergeant Colman has been with the WHP since 2015 in the Lander/Riverton office. He has also been passionate about public service throughout his life serving in the United States Marine Corps from 2002 to 2015, where he received Navy and Marine Corps Commendations and was deployed five times.

“Sergeants Day and Colman will each bring a very unique personality and skill set that will balance well with one another. They both possess a high level of selflessness towards the development of others and are very self-driven which are crucial in our agency’s training program to properly train and develop our recruits into Wyoming State Troopers" said Captain David Wagener.

“These sergeants have taken on a huge responsibility as the public we serve expects nothing less than well trained and absolute professionals to be commissioning from our academy to maintain the future and proud legacy the Wyoming Highway Patrol has established since 1933.”

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