During cold temperatures we all turn to the classic hot soups to eat for lunch or dinner and to stay warm. Many times you may get the soup for a warm up to your main course.

My favorite soups are pretty basic:

Chicken & Noodle

bowl of chicken noodle soup

Beef Stew

Homemade Irish Beef Stew


Gourmet chili beans with extra lean beef
raul taborda

Broccoli Cheese

Broccoli Cheese Soup With Cream And Red Leicester

Nothing crazy about my list, more than likely you're shaking your head for at least one of those options. As a matter of fact, these are all soups that you can make very easily and if you make enough you can freeze it to have later.

I wanted to see what other folks like when it comes to soup and thought maybe I'd come up with a new one to add to my cold weather cooking list. My search turned up a list of the "Coziest Soup Recipes from Every State"  from the website Taste Of Home.com and I about fell over when I came to Wyoming's "Coziest Soup". Really, I'd never even heard of it as a "soup" and it doesn't strike me as something that many Wyomingites would ever even consider when preparing a nice hot soup for dinner.

The recipe was submitted by Shelley Way of Cheyenne. It's called "Ravioli Soup"! Growing up we always had cans of ravioli in the cabinet and would open the can (sometimes) put it in a pan warm it up and eat it. It was never something that I would have considered a piping hot bowl of soup, though. If were a betting man, I would think Wyoming would pick Chili, Stew, Beer Cheese Soup, Loaded Potato Soup or some sort of chowder. If you're looking for a new soup option, you can give Wyoming's coziest soup a try!

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