I’ve not met one person who doesn’t enjoy at least one film, and many movie buffs love to learn where movies were filmed. Could you imagine being able to look out your window, or stop downtown and see your favorite superhero or actor, running down the block?

Why can’t we have that? New Zealand got it, countless places in California, and New York have had that experience, and they struggle to look for open, colorful, scenic places to film! Location scouting for films is an underrated, crucial job. The directors, location scouts, writers, and I’m sure many others have to find a setting that helps carry the story, keep the mood, and would be realistic to work in. Wyoming is loaded with these! Casper specifically has many different “vibes” or settings to work with. We’ve got desert areas, streams, sketchy allies, you name it! Of course, we do have the large obstacle of wind, but... we have beautiful scenery, scary places, not a bunch of people, and some killer food.

The possibilities are endless honestly, we could have professionals come in and film movies, music videos, documentaries, you name it. Who knows this town better than those who live in it? We have some brilliant film makers within our hometown. Go to the film festivals, and find out for yourselves. That being said, if you are a film maker whether you’re in high school, college, or have been out of school Casper is one of the most supportive towns I have ever seen. Don’t be afraid to ask these business owners if you can film at their stores, I imagine most would say yes, I’ve asked in high school and I have never been denied.

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