The competition is heating up in the heavy metal headphones market. In addition to Motorheadphones that have been out for a while, now Iron Maiden are teaming up with Onkyo for Maiden Audio headphones.

The venture has been unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show that's going on in Las Vegas. Fans can pose with a giant statue of Maiden's iconic Eddie mascot that's sporting the headphones. The photos are being posted on the Maiden Audio site. According to CNET, more details on the product line will be revealed in February or March.

In other Iron Maiden merchandise news, the band announced this week that official Iron Maiden skate decks are now available worldwide. There are five different decks: the band logo, 'Trooper,' 'Number of the Beast,' 'Piece of Mind' and 'Fear of the Dark.' You can order them here for $73.99 apiece or $330 for all five.

Maiden also have a popular beer called 'Trooper Ale,' which has sold over five million pints since its 2013 debut. The brew has been difficult to find in the U.S., but now the brewery is shipping 300,000 tall boy cans to the U.S. this month.

Fans have been waiting for a new Iron Maiden album, and if a recent Christmas card is any indication, there could be a new album and tour on the way in 2015.

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