Going around the web is one those games where you fill in the blanks to tell your perspective. It's simple, and here is how it works. It is a dialog that begins: "Where are you from?" Then a short conversation ensues. From what we've found, the world has no idea where Wyoming is. Have you ever had a conversation like one of these? Share yours with us on Facebook.

It must be nice to have a roommate who migrates.

It's a long walk from Lovell to Jackson Hole ski lift, but the views along the way are spectacular.

Whoever @Jamophat was talking to must be the all-star when it comes to the Tide Pod Challenge.

I could understand someone not knowing where a town in Wyoming is, but not know the state exists takes stupid to a new level.

Thanks to Colorado legalizing weed, every nimrod gets the two square states confused.

That's because Wyoming is not real. You are just a government mole trying to sway the menial decisions of the everyday man.

There is intelligent life out there after all.


It doesn't just happen in Wyoming. Check out these geography aces:

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