It all began in middle school when I read Remembrance, my first Jude Deveraux novel.

It was a sweeping epic romance complete with knights and princesses, time travel, and a love that goes against all odds.


I was officially hooked and spent the next decade of my life immersed in trashy romance novels.

Nora Roberts and V.C. Andrews...if it could be found for 50 cents or less at the library used book sale, I read it.

Keep in mind these were the days of old where you had to actually carry around a book with a half naked man and swooning female on the cover. It was always slightly embarrassing to pull it out as I sat in the commons waiting for my next class reading away.

With the development of e-readers, it's much easier to hide my obsession with these totally unrealistic fluff filled novels.

Truly though, I'm not at all ashamed that I love to read these books.

And um yes, I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Outlander series and TV show!

It's pure escapism and I certainly don't expect my husband to act like the guys in these novels. It's just fun to mentally escape the whole Wyoming working mom with 5 children gig for a bit.

If it's wrong to daydream about sweeping Scottish meadows and love that transcends time...well I don't want to be right!

I even forced encouraged poor Doc to read some of a Wyoming based romance novel on air last month! You can listen to it below and then tune in Friday morning for another reading ;)

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