We all have doppelgangers and let's face it, there is nothing that will freak you out more than seeing someone and feel like you're staring in the mirror.

I got tagged in a Facebook post the other day and it was just a photo of a group of church girls having a good time. Upon further study of the photo, I was shocked to see the little girl who was giving two thumbs up looked like a little miniature version of me. It is such a spot on comparison that I couldn't get it out of my head all day.

Apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks this girl looks like me either. When I came into work every single one of my co-workers agreed that we looked like twins. (Aside from that killer blue skirt she's rocking.)

I'll go ahead and let you decide for yourself on how similar we look based on these two photos.


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Townsquare media

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