Hunting With Heroes is an organization that honors disabled veterans by providing them with hunting, fishing and other unique outdoor experiences. In partnership with Wyoming state agencies, landowners and local volunteers, they offer custom programs designed to build enduring friendships and lasting memories.Saturday, August 30th, Powder River Armory and the Casper Cigar Company are hosting a fundraising shoot featuring 8 stages, with a gun up for grabs at each stage. Entry fee is $75, and includes the guns and ammo you need for each shoot. According to the Powder River Armory Facebook page:

Sign up forms are available at Powder River Armory and Casper Cigar Company, must sign up in advance, registration ends Aug 25th There will be 8 stages you will compete in first stage is 3 rounds through a target rifle at 350 yards on a 18", 10" and 4" plate, next is a 6 round plate rack with a 1911 45, then 6 shots at 50yards with a 10/22 rifle best grouping wins, then the texas star moving target with a revolver, 10 golf balls off golf tees at 5 yards with a 22lr pistol, skeet shooting with a taurus judge, a stage where you shoot 7 targets with a AR then transition to a glock pistol and shoot 4 steel targets and last you get 15 rounds in a m249 belt fed 223 and most shots on target in one trigger pull wins. The best shooter from each stage wins the gun from that stage with the exception of the machine gun, that stage the winner will get the glock from the previous stage.

Registration does end on Aug. 25th, with no registrations accepted afterwards. For more information, visit the Powder River Armory website here.

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