So, people in my family have some pretty great smiles. I'm not sure if it's just good genetics or just good oral hygiene habits. Either way, I'll just say that we are blessed to not have to worry about missing teeth or looking like we've neglected our oral health for the last 20 years.

Wallethub gave us another map to look at as far as what states have the best oral hygiene and those that have the worst... I'll be honest... It's not looking great for us.

We aren't #1 and I wouldn't expect us to do because we chew tobacco a lot more than most other states and if it's not chewing it, a lot of us are smoking it. (along with other things that we shouldn't be smoking.)

With everything considered and browsing over all their data, I'd say that being #38 isn't all that bad. After all, we could be at #50... Arkansas...

All this to say, BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

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Source: WalletHub

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