First World Problem: Driving down 1st street on my way into work today, I got stuck behind a car at a red light. Once the light turned green, this dip stick inched up about a foot...then just sat there.

Since the opposite lanes were full of cars, the guy sat there until the light turned yellow, then he turned left - which means that I was stuck at the same red light for the second straight time.

Here's my issue. Had this dude had his blinker on, I would have used the other lane, knowing that 7:50 on a Thursday morning isn't the best time to be trying to make a left turn. Since he didn't, and I couldn't switch lanes due to all of the cars driving by and laughing at me, I spent a few minutes imagining the things that I would hit this inconsiderate driver with. That's when it occurred to me - maybe this guy didn't know about this new feature they put into vehicles called a "turn signal". Basically, it's a signal that lets other drivers know that you are turning.

Feel free to share this video with your friends, and maybe we can start a new trend called "considerate driving"!


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