The main lawnmowing season for 2021 is behind us thanks to the snow and the cooler temperatures. Many Wyomingites have already winterized the lawnmower, stowed away the lawn tools and replaced them with winter tools. Just because the mower is put away for the year doesn't mean you can start preparing now to become the envy of your neighborhood when mowing resumes.

If you live in a neighborhood there is a good chance that you have an unspoken friendly (most of the time) competition with at least one of your neighbors. That competition could be trying to be first to clear your driveway after a snow, having the cleanest vehicles or having the nicest looking lawn and cutting the grass first.

I've seen guys take it to the next level and feel they need to outdo their neighbor by having top of the line, newest equipment to maintain the lawn. Lawnmowers, for many, are a source of pride and to some, the deck size DOES matter.

Can you imagine the great feeling of opening your garage on the first lawnmowing day next spring and start cutting your grass driving a TANK? WOW. Talk about making the neighbors jealous.

That is exactly what woodworker from Bourbon Moth Woodworking Co. Jason Hibbs did and it is AWESOME! During May of 2020 when the RONA was in full swing, he was looking for a special project and decided to turn his Toro Zero Turn Lawnmower into a miniature tank. Not only does his mower now look like a tank, but it still mows and even has an operation potato cannon.

I thought since winter is coming and you may be looking for a project to build, that you could get a leg up on that neighbor competition. Jaws will drop when you roll out your tank in the spring.

The video is about 15 minutes long (well worth your time), but goes through all the steps for turning your mower into a tank. Jason says that is took him a couple weeks to build the tank conversion, but he's a professional woodworker. If you're not all that skilled with woodworking tools, take your time, measure twice and cut once. It's going to be a long winter so you'll have time to perfect your woodworking skills and make a great tank!

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