It's starting to seem like the handshake is becoming a lost art form. Which is sad, because it's just a handshake.

I can't count how many times I went for a handshake, and the other person starts to throw up the fist bump. Then we both switch to match the other, and it just gets weird.

Handshakes are pretty simple, but there's two rules to pull off a good one:

1.) Be firm and tight, but don't try to break the other dude's hand. People who do this are douche bags who are most likely trying to overcompensate for something.

2.) Never, EVER, go in limp wristed or just give the fingers. I don't care who you are, or how great you may be - If you give me a feminine handshake, I will lose all respect for you.

A man can be judged by his grip and confidence in the shake, so make sure you get it right every time.