We all get a little possessive when it comes to certain things like family, friends, food, homes and our FAVORITE spot!

For me, the far right side of the couch is where I like to plant myself. It's closer to the bathroom & kitchen, there is a table for my drink and the arm is a great spot for the remote. When people come to visit, I always would direct them to a different area of the room to sit. Some figure it out, but some don't. Deep down when they sit in my spot, I'm a little anxious and irritated. Not their fault, but I. LIKE. MY. SPOT.

Seems I'm not the only one like this. A new study shows that 2/3's of people are the exact same. People are SO attached to that special space, that on average 2 times a month there will be an argument with family and/or friends about that magical spot.

In Wyoming, I learned a couple things very quickly...1. This state is incredible with history and things to see 2. Wyomingite are VERY passionate people!!!!

When I asked the question "Do you have a favorite spot you always sit in your house and do you get angry when someone is sitting there"? Here are some of the answers that went even deeper than just at home.

Favorite chair at home, parking spot at work, chair at work, the list goes on and on  - Christina Stewart Jeannerett


Yes, but I try not to let it show in front of company's - Karen Smith


This me at work!! -Kimberly Raeihle


Absolutely!!!! And if someone sits there I make them move! LOL Unless of course its one of our furbabies -Lorraine Salo


Nope, that would probably be my seat in the church pew! - Lynne Smith Livingston


Yes. MY recliner/rocker. -Nicole Riley


Favorite chair at home, parking spot at work, chair at work, the list goes on and on -Christina Stewart Jeannerett


Yes! My recliner is my safe place -Johnny R. Hasse


The right side of the couch. -Michelle Pederson


Right side of the couch near the window and lamp. -Jess Lynn Nevel


Yes!!! Drives me nuts when someone else is there lol -Erin Mills


Yes! The left end of the sofa. Older dog knows but younger one doesn't and can't seem to learn. -Kathy Gross


I don't get angry but my little boy does it to get on my nerves all the time! He says that's just love dad!!  -Art Oliver


Yes 100%!!!!! Usually one of my many teenagers. You would think they would learn by now!!! -Amber Kowlok


Yes. The toilet. -Heather Leiker

One thing for sure, when you're visiting a Wyomingite and you want to get them riled up...just sit in their favorite spot!!!! #goaheadpunkmakemyday

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