Ah the coffee mug. It sometimes takes years to find the coffee mug and when you do, you hold it close like a member of the family.

As a kid, I can remember my grandpa getting frustrated when someone else was using his coffee mug or he couldn't find it at all. I didn't really understand until I got older and became a coffee drinker.

Mugs have been around and in use to drink hot beverages long before coffee was even introduced to the world. In the 1940's the diner became a popular places to have your coffee and many of those diners had Victor's mugs. The thick, plain white (or sometime screen printed with the diners logo) are still found in diners and restaurants around the United States. 

coffee mug victor
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Today you can find walls and walls of coffee mugs in stores, shops, antique malls, restaurants and all over the internet to buy. The problem is, until you find that special mug, you'll continue to search and try different mugs. 

There are mugs for those on the go and mugs for those that need their coffee fix at all times of day. If you have a community coffee maker in your office and have a collection of coffee mugs, you'll likely be able to tell which mug belongs to whom. Personality, colors, sizes and styles all fit in into the selection of the perfect coffee mug.

It took me years to find the one mug to sip out of to get my day started and it was an actual gift from a Secret Santa a few years ago that found the perfect one for me. Tall, rustic and just right.

As you can see Wyomingites are proud of their mugs. If you'd like to show off yours, hit send us a picture in our station app and we'll add your mug to our ever growing collection of Wyoming's Favorite Coffee/Tea/Hot Beverage Mugs.

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