We have heard a lot of bad news lately about layoffs and the bleak economic out look for our state.  But how does Wyoming stack up against other states when it comes to working moms?

The working mom makes up nearly half of the workforce in our country.  Almost two thirds are single moms with young children.

The income inequality although getting closer in some states, is still $.79 cents to every dollar a man earns and women are still offered fewer opportunities to move up the ladder.

Wyoming Ranks 26th in the US as compared to other states for the working mom.

Wyoming Ranks 18th overall for available daycare and Ranks 15th in the US in having a 'Work vs Home' Life Balance.

But Wyoming finishes next to last when it comes to 'Professional Opportunities', which might not come as a surprise to some since most of our employment opportunities are in the male dominated Energy Sector.   Wyoming is ranked 49th when it comes to opportunities in the workplace and that brings our overall ranking down to 26th in the US.

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Source: Wallet Hub