Joe Eason and Justin Stevens know how to throw a party. They give the city of Casper some great tunes, a great atmosphere, and chill people…and never ask for anything for themselves.

This Saturday night from 6-10, they'll be featuring three killer bands:

The Front

Juice Falcon

Blake Bone

The tunes are free, but they do ask that you bring one or more of the following for the Wyoming Food For Thought project:


Peanut Butter

Macaroni & Cheese

Jelly or Honey


Individual-sized fruit or applesauce


Trail Mix



Granola Bars

Canned Vegetables

Shelf Stable Milk

Canned Chicken

Rice-A-Roni or Pasta-Roni


Pork N Beans

Instant Oatmeal


The party rolls from 6p – 10p, is free for all ages (but please, bring a donation!), and takes place at 1615 Jim Bridger. For more information, click here.