Spring may be close on the calendar, but don't tell that to Mother Nature.

Photographer John Kucko has recorded footage of a house on the shore of Lake Ontario, in Webster, N.Y., that is totally encased in ice.

Of course, the naysayers who think the clip is a hoax are out in full force like blustery wind on the front steps, so Kucko posted a follow-up video to prove the clip was indeed real.

As you can probably guess, winter has been cruel to the region. "We had violent winds here the last five days," Kucko told CNN. "Power was knocked out to 150,000 people. Some are still without power."

Don't feel badly for whoever lives there, though. Kucko says it's a beach house, so odds are no one, other than a lost Eskimo or Mr. Freeze, is currently using it as a winter getaway.

Kucko also points out to CNN that the house next to it appears to be impervious to ice because it has a retaining wall, so in the battle to one-up the neighbors, we say the thawed-out abode wins this round.

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