On Friday, September 30th, Natrona County Emergency Management will be conducting a county wide LIVE test of the Outdoor Warning Sirens system and Konexus Notifications, according to a recent press release.

The Outdoor Warning Sirens system is a series of 36 “Siren Towers” located within Natrona County. On September 30th, each siren will be tested individually and the entirety of testing is expected to take place between 9 am and 12 pm.

The public should not to be alarmed if sirens are heard during this time frame. In addition, we ask the public not to contact emergency services, or 9-1-1, to report the sirens.

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The Outdoor Warning Sirens system is activated only by local officials in Emergency Management or by the Casper-Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center. The system follows the International Association of Emergency Managers’ Alert recommendations and is activated in the case of Tornado Warnings, and Severe Thunderstorms with destructive 80+ mph winds.

They are only activated in the forecasted path based on National Weather Service forecasts. The Outdoor Warning Sirens system is designed to be heard by those in proximity to siren locations and those who are outdoors. The sirens sound a steady alert for 3 minutes. Voice prompts are no longer used and have not been for several years.

The Natrona County Emergency Management said, "We encourage our community members to participate in the test by listening for the sounds of the sirens while outdoors. When you hear the sirens, practice assembling in a safe indoor place and seeking further information from local officials. Emergency Management, and other area partners, will post information on social media regarding the beginning and ending of the live test."

If weather possible of producing tornados is present the day of the test, the test will be rescheduled as to not interfere with any potential real Outdoor Warning Siren needs. At this time, rescheduling due to weather is not a concern.

Emergency Management will also be conducting a test of Konexus Notifications at 9 am on September 30th.

Konexus Notifications is a system managed by Natrona County Emergency Management for the public to receive critical information alerts to their mobile phones at no charge. Sign up for emergency alerts is required. Natrona County citizens can do so through our website www.natronacounty-wy.gov, or by calling NCEM at 307-235-9205.

The Natrona County Emergency Management said, "we encourage the public to sign up for emergency alerts in time to be a part of the September 30th test."

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