In the past we've told you that to really see everything in Yellowstone National Park, you are going to need more than just one day. I've made the trip in one day, but that's a lot of driving and not much exploring.

When you go to the park with limited time, you really miss out on things that aren't as popular as Old Faithful, bison, elk, grizzly bears, the Upper Geyser Basin, hot springs and Yellowstone lake.

One of the attractions that we missed out on was spending time at Sizzling Basin. Which is a crazy natural boiling vat of mud. Really, listening to it, it sounds like bacon frying. The sizzle will almost make you hungry, but obviously the sizzling basin isn't to be messed with.

IF sizzling basin is an attraction you've missed, it's really an easy stop to get to. It's just north of Yellowstone lake near the mud volcano turnout.

Carbon dioxide is evaporating and causes a thin layer of mud to pop and sizzle just like bacon frying in a pan. The mud is very acidic and iron sulfide is the reasoning behind the dark color of the water. Hydrogen sulfide is what gives it that nasty 'rotten egg' smell that you get.

A series called 'One Minute Wyoming' is a short series put together by YouTuber See Steffen. On the channel, there are quite a few videos that are short, but informative videos that show some of what Yellowstone has to offer in about a minute.

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