Halestorm are just getting started on a new album, but decided to uses the stage as a sounding board to get a little feedback on one of their new songs. During their U.K. show in Manchester, the group showed off the new track 'Mayhem.'

As seen in fan-filmed footage above, 'Mayhem' starts off with some wailing guitar and the hard-hitting beats of drummer Arejay Hale before Lzzy Hale kicks off the track with some bluesy vocals. But the sultry opening in just a precursor for a slow-building, hand clap-generating fury, giving Hale a chance to show both the restraint and full on heaviness within her range.

When Loudwire spoke with Lzzy Hale on the red carpet at the Ronnie James Dio Awards in Los Angeles last month, she told us, "You know it’s the beginning stages and we just started writing for the next record. It’s our third record and what a cool thing it is to make it to that point in your career. We’re chasing the song dragon and we’re chasing after whatever gets us excited at this point. I think we’re starting to crack the code of what we have to do on this record."

With 'Mayhem,' Halestorm appear to be starting off strong in anticipation of what's to come for the new album. Stay tuned for more from Halestorm as they get closer to their next release.