A man in Plainsboro, New Jersey did not do any favors for the state’s street cred when he contacted police officials to file an official report that he had been involved in a ‘black magic’ scam.

After seeing a commercial (those NEVER lie) on TV that promised to help individuals who may be suffering at the hands of black magic, the man contacted a guy from Manchester, England and exchanged a sum of $300 for the absolution of his bad mojo.

The guy blamed black magic for his business woes and sought help through a candle lighting ceremony that was to be performed by a man thousands of miles away. The ritual never took place. Maybe he should have hired a fortune teller first. “Um, this isn’t going to work out well for you. Also, you’re gonna crap your pants on the way to work tomorrow.”

The force must be strong with whomever is sending the bad vibes his way, as the man has not seen relief from the services as of yet.  This poor guy is not only still afflicted by the black magic but there’s a gaping hole in his wallet.

Maybe next time he should just order something off a different commercial. “My mojo is awful but man my onions are fine — Thanks Slap Chop!”

[Via NJ.com]