In retrospect, Patrick Gallagher and his buddies probably should have just celebrated his impending nuptials with a quiet night of poker, maybe a cigar. But instead they took the bachelor party to the strip club, where the groom-to-be suffered an injury as embarrassing as it is painful.

Gallagher was pulled up on the stage at the Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, Pennsylvania to get the full-on bachelor treatment. Included in the festivities was a stripper pole, and when one of the girls “shimmied” down the rod and launched herself into Gallagher’s lap, his bladder ruptured.

In intense pain, Gallagher had to leave the club. He had surgery the next morning. Now he is suing the Penthouse Club for $50,000 for his medical costs, humiliation and mental anguish.

Would you get litigious in this situation? Or would you just settle into your married life determined not to call more attention to the fact that you had your bladder ruptured by a stripper at your bachelor party?