A trip to the supermarket 25 years from now may look nothing like it does now.

While Amazon remains busy prepping the postmodern grocery shopping experience with a concept called Amazon Go, this video goes a little more in-depth about what we can find on the shelves.

From getting your groceries bagged even before you step into the store and your personal assistant helping you navigate the minefield of questions you may have to software that tracks what you're looking at and the ease of purchasing of locally-grown superfoods and cultured meat, stocking up on your groceries is a somewhat foreign idea compared to what we endure now when we go to the supermarket.

Heck, getting out of the store may involve a 3D printer that is designed to smell like brownies in the hopes you'll buy one that can be made right on the spot. And you may not even have to take out your wallet, since you'll just be able to walk out while a scanner charges his credit card.

It sounds like a high level of futuristic efficiency and if it means someone can eliminate the trauma of waiting in line at the deli counter for what feels forever then we're all for it.

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