Hockey isn't the only game that can make you lose your teeth.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Don Briggs, an 88-year-old man in Cincinnati whose dentures popped out while he played a game of Speak Out. Video of the incident has gone viral.

Granddaughter Amy Metcalf Taylor and other family members had explained to Briggs, who they call Poppy, how to play. Unfortunately, he put the mouthpiece for the game in backwards and when he tried to talk, his teeth plunged out of his mouth like a cliff jumper, leading to a moment that will either scar or amuse you to no end.

Taylor says her grandfather has embraced how many people have watched the clip. "Poppy said, 'OMG. People want to see my teeth fly out?'" Taylor said.

It's amazing, right? An 88-year-old man actually said, "OMG." What is the world coming to?

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