When we were younger we 'hated' being forced to take naps, but then as we get older that that hate turns in to a 'love' for a few extra minutes of shuteye.

A nap can be a powerful tool to help us get through the stresses of life and Wednesday is National Public Sleeping Day.  This give all of us an opportunity to grab a few extra minutes of sleep, even in public places without ridicule.  Unless you're trying to grab a nap at work!

Many experts say that a power nap (about 10-20 minutes) is the best way to get a boost of energy to help us power through the rest of our day.  The power nap usually doesn't come with the drowsy feeling that we get when we take naps for longer periods of time and typically don't affect our sleep later that evening.

Some employers like Google and Nike offer employees sleep room or nap-pods so employees can grab a nap when their energy is low.  But as a word of caution, sleeping at your desk at work might not be the best idea, depending on your employer!

With National Public Sleeping Day this Wednesday, February 28th, here are a few places we could see ourselves grabbing a quick nap in public.

  • On a bench or chair at the Mall or a Department Store
  • A comfy nook in the Library
  • The back pew at church
  • At the dollar movies
  • On the bus headed across town
  • In a park on a lawn chair or blanket (not the best choice in Wyoming in February)
  • In the passenger seat of a car (while someone else is driving)
  • At your desk at work  (Caution - napping at work could get you fired!  Even on National Sleep in Public Day...)

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