Godsmack's Shannon Larkin-who has a resume that includes stints with Wrathchild America, Souls At Zero, MF Pitbulls, Ugly Kid Joe, Snot, Casey's Chaos Amen, Vanilla Ice, and Glassjaw-was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with Rock 96.7's Tee Roy. In a move that most media outlets would call "different", Tee Roy asked Shannon questions that the actual fans wanted to hear, via our facebook page.

Always a good sport, Shannon talked about his influences, songs he's tired of playing, the truth behind "Cryin' Like A Bitch" (reinforcing the comments from Sully Erna on the subject), the Ugly Kid Joe reunion, who's the better drummer between him and Sully, and more. Listen up as Shannon bares his soul, and click here for a chance to score backstage passes to this Friday's show at the Casper Events Center.


Listen to Part 1:

Listen to Part 2:

Watch Godsmack's 'Cryin' Like a Bitch'