Whenever I travel, I always like to be what people call a "gastrotourist." That means you try foods that are popular in the area. During my travels this past summer, I stumbled across a variety of seasoning blends that are not only tasty, but hilarious.
The seasoning comes from a company called "Big Cock Ranch." (Its brand is a big Rooster, what did you think it meant?) BCR makes up an amazing vairety of seasonings, BBQ rubs and even salsa.

What caught my eye was a seasoning called "Good S#!T." I couldnt help but buy multiple without even sampling first. I found it to be the perfect seasoning blend for roasted chicken and even elk steak. You can also get your hands on seasoning blends like Chicken S#!t, Bull S#!t, Special S#!t and even NO S#!T (salt free seasoning.)

BCR has variety gift boxes that make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking in your family.

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