A couple and their 8-year-old daughter, who has a prosthetic leg, were going to Oklahoma to have her leg adjusted when they decided to stop at an amusement park called Frontier City.

When the little girl went to go down a water slide, an attendant for the park stepped in front of her and said that she couldn't go down the slide because of her prosthetic leg.

Obviously upset, they talked to a manager, who claimed that her leg could scratch the slide and that it was a part of their company policy. The parents searched the park and the park's website and could not find anything about prosthetic limbs at all. (Their ADA Accessibility Guide states that "The Management at Frontier City reserves the right to refuse to allow any Guest access to a ride in which they deem unsafe for the individual, or those around them.")

The park better make up for this somehow because this is a despicable act. It probably really helped the girl's self confidence being rejected like this. Stop being stupid and just let the girl have fun.