Contrary to popular opinion, gingers do have souls. Recently, in an effort to combat negative stereotypes, redheads across the world have banded together to show their Ginger Pride at festivals in London and San Francisco.

Several years ago, an upstart group of freckled redheads created their own movement right here in the great state of Wyoming.

The Gingers of Laramie are a Facebook community founded in 2012. Over the years, they have organized Ginger Happy Hours, Ginger Pub Crawls and they even spawned the Ginger Women Society.

Laramie also has its own Ginger Dating site for those who appreciate the "fiery beauty".

While they may or may not owned by redheads, there are also a few Ginger-operated businesses here in the Cowboy State. Gingers Furniture has been in Douglas for nearly 15 years. Gingers Day Care is one of the most popular child care centers in Cheyenne. There's even a Gingers Cabin near the town of Saddlestring in Johnson County.

And that's not all, Wyoming Gingers have even left their mark in Hollywood. The Redhead From Wyoming was a popular western released in 1953, staring legendary actress Maureen O'Hara as a cattle queen during the Cowboy State's territorial days.