If you've ever seen his show on ESPN, you may have noticed the University of Wyoming football helmet on Ryen Russillo's desk. The popular sports talk show host was born in Laramie.

Unfortunately, that's no longer his only Wyoming connection. Yesterday, Russillo was arrested in Jackson and charged with criminal tresspass after entering a stranger's house at 3:30 a.m., stripping naked and passing out in their bed. According to the Teton County Sheriff's Office, he was "highly intoxicated".

On his ESPN Radio show last week, Russillo talked about his upcoming trip to Wyoming and told listeners that he planned to "act like a cowboy" and "party hard".

Although he graduated from the University of Vermont, Russillo often jokes about his allegiance to the Pokes. "The Legend of Dax Crum" was a regular feature on his show during the 2010 season. Along with former co-host Scott Van Pelt, Russillo would sarcastically criticize Wyoming coach Dave Christensen for not playing the backup quarterback, who threw for three touchdowns and seven interceptions during his college career.







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