A report now has Wyoming ranked eighth in the country for deer/vehicle collisions - being 18 percent more likely than last year - we're up four whole spots.

An estimated 1 out of 85 Wyoming drivers will hit a deer this year. West Virginia is on top of that list with a stunning 1 in 41.

We are most likely to collide in mating season, which continues through December.

Insurance people give us these tips:

1. Pay attention, especially when you see a “Deer Crossing” sign.

2. When you see one deer, remember they often move in groups.

3. Brake if you can, and try to avoid swerving, causing a more severe crash.

4. Dusk to dawn is high-risk time.

5. When possible, use your high beams, to see farther.

Wyoming knows the phrase, “Deer caught in the headlights.” Be ready to drop the high beams. They're like spotlights that blind a deer, and make them freeze. When the lights go off, or the road has a curve, a deer goes in the direction it is facing, usually right into the roadway.