JC Burgers and Catering is one of Casper's most popular diners. But according to one food website, only a crazy person would take on their infamous "Ring of Fire Challenge".

Chowhound's recent list "50 States, 50 Insane Food Challenges" named the "Ring of Fire" as the most daunting contest in the Cowboy State. And for good reason, the bodacious burger features 16 patties, over four pounds of beef, smothered in green chile and jalepenos.

While many daredevils have attempted the challenge, only a few have conqured the "Ring of Fire" in less than 30 minutes. For their efforts, they were awarded with a free meal every month for the next six months.

Luckily for food fanatics, the Ring of Fire isn't the only insane eating challenge in the Cowboy State. The Paintrock Inn in Hyattville, Wyoming, is also well known for their "Big Daddy Burger" challenge, which gives patrons one hour to consume their massive 4.5 lb. burger.

There are also several eating contests held at annual events across the Cowboy State, including Powell's Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest, the Watermelon Eating Contest at Summerfest in Rawlins and the Flaming Gorge Jalapeno Eating Contest at Laramie Jubilee Days.

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