In continued support of their latest album, ‘Sonic Highways,’ the Foo Fighters stopped by ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and chatted with the legendary radio host for more than an hour. Their conversation covered everything from Dave Grohl’s relationship with Courtney Love to an awkward jam session with Prince. Take a listen to the full interview above.

Grohl discussed Paul McCartney stopping by his house, emailing David Bowie and even interviewing President Obama for the next and final episode of his ‘Sonic Highways’ HBO series -- catch it when it airs this Friday, Dec. 5.

“It was the last one of the day. He had announced that they were sending more troops to Iraq, and he had to give the Medal of Honor to this kid,” Grohl said of his interview with the President. “It was a really, really heavy day, and he walked in the room, and he loosened his tie and we talked about Dylan and the Stones.”

As for his tumultuous relationship with his late Nirvana bandmate’s wife, Courtney Love, Grohl says things are looking up. “I guess it’s a friendship,” the singer-songwriter said. “Because [when] we saw each other not too long ago, [we] sat and got trashed together and drank a bunch of tequila.”

Make sure to catch the Foos’ performance on the ‘Daily Show’ tonight (Dec. 3) and the ‘Tonight Show’ tomorrow (Dec. 4).

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