We have all seen the notices in our mail boxes every now and then about convicted sex offenders moving into the neighborhood.  Now in Bradford County Florida, Sheriffs have taken things one step further.  They are placing signs in front of the offender's residence.

Bradford County Sheriffs Install a Sign
Bradford County Sheriff, Facebook

This is a bold move by the Bradford County Sheriff Department.  Seventeen signs have been put into place in the county by Sheriffs.  The community has had mixed reactions to the action, most reactions are positive.  The topic has been lighting up the internet with support and opposition.  The Sheriffs Dept. also enlisted current inmates to help install the signs as community service.  The signs cost $10 a piece.  Sheriff Gordon Smith says "its his job to protect children."  He told WCJB-TV:

"And my job as a sheriff is to protect the children. And I'll stop at nothing to make sure that they are protected. That is my job. People say the $10 should be used in other ways... Let me tell you something for $10 or less to place this sign up is very inexpensive.  These are actual true crimes, against children. And I'll be honest with you, I have no sympathy for them and if they don't like their option of the sign... Move! That's what i ask them to do, they do have an option here."

Is this something you would like to see in Wyoming?  Should we identify convicted sex offenders at their residences for all to see here in the cowboy state?