I have a habit of trusting everything. My shirt size, my pants size and my shoe size haven't changed in the past 10 years, so I just buy those sizes and move on. But something happened over the weekend to to make me re-evaluate my theory.

The short story is that I needed a new pair of jeans as mornings were starting to get a little chilly and I'd ruined all of my jeans early in the summer. I didn't mind, because I'd be wearing shorts all summer, but since it was time I stopped by Goodwill, grabbed a pair of jeans in my size and went from there. Never even bothered to try them on as I was sure they'd fit as they always do.

The good news is that they did fit. The bad news was I didn't know they were skinny jeans. Not a fashion style I'm comfortable with.

Thinking of this, here are a few more reasons you should always try on clothes before buying them.

The fashion may not fit your needs
As did mine in my story above.

Different sizes for different companies
Just because it says your size, doesn't mean it'll fit. Sometimes one company will have a size 34 that's about the same size as a 32 from another. Better try them on, just to make sure.

You may find a present
This applies to thrift stores. As they may not check the pockets, you should check the pockets. Maybe someone left some cash in one of them. It's the pants that pay for themselves!

Limits your shopping
If you find a bunch of stuff on sale and take it through the checkstand, you may come home to find out you didn't need all that stuff or you purchased more than one of the same thing. At least if you try it on it'll limit the possibility of that happening.

It's free
If it's free, it's me.

Well, that's about all I have. Tell us your reasons in the comments.