The glasses are becoming as much of a tradition as the fireworks themselves. People go nuts for Pepsi 3D Firework Festival glasses as it amplifies each firework by 9000%. But what to do with them after the biggest show in the sky is over? Don't throw them away! Here are five extra uses for your Pepsi 3D Firework Festival glasses.

Make it look like you have more money

Money is tight. We understand that. Boost your esteem up just a notch by looking at your spare change in direct sunlight. It looks like you have a fist full a change!

John Riggs / Townsquare Media


Dirty car? Maybe it shine!

If you have trouble keeping your car clean and what to know what it's like to have a clean car, simply put on your glasses. It will sparkle more than a vampire on Twilight eating Skittles.

John Riggs / Townsquare Media


Play some trippy video games>

One thing you could do is get some replay from your old video games by trying to play them with these glasses on. It'll surely give your old games a bit of a challenge.

Naughty Dog / John Riggs / Townsquare Media


Easily make a fun new profile picture

Did you know you can also place these glasses up to your camera lens to take pictures with the same effect? Make a fun new profile picture to celebrate the fourth!

John Riggs / Townsquare Media


Practical joke

Maybe you're at a friends out when someone passes out. How funny would it be to have them wake up with these glasses on and turn on all the lights. They'll think they got sucked into a Lisa Frank painting.

John Riggs / Townsquare Media

That's all I've got for now, but I want to hear what fun ideas you have. Any other good uses for these Pepsi 3D Firework Festival glasses? Post them in the comments below.