We've giving you a chance to win $1,000 by listening each weekday in November. That's no small chunk of change. Do you have any ideas what you'd spend the money on? Just for fun, I decided to browse eBay for the craziest stuff I could possibly buy with $1,000. Here's what I found.

Your own 35-acre mountain in Colorado
Nestled in the deep forest near Trinidad, Colo., is this 35-acre mountain that you can own. That's right! Conquer your own mountain. Maybe charge admission or turn it into a party mountain. Whatever the case may be, you can own a mountain for $1,000.

WWF Wrestlefest arcade game
I'm a fan of pro wrestling and video games, so it might make sense that I would buy this arcade machine. Of course, with $1,000, I could probably spend half of that in quarters until I got sick of playing it and keep the rest and be glad I didn't pick it up. Either way, it's available for $1,000.

A dunk tank
All of the best festivals and fundraising events have a dunk tank. You can own a dunk tank for $1,000 to do with as you please.

Angelina Jolie's slip as worn in 'The Good Shepherd'
Apparently, in the movie "The Good Shepherd," Angelina Jolie wears this slip. I've never seen it so I wouldn't know. I do know who she is, though, so $1,000 for this slip worn by her in this movie sounds about right. Own a piece of this movie.

Thirty half-pound chocolate bars
When in doubt, go with food. Your $1,000 could get you 30 custom-molded chocolate bars, each weighing half a pound. They look pretty good, and for $1,000 for 30, they'd better be.

Of course there are a TON of other items on eBay you could spend your money on. These are just a few I found when looking for $1,000 items, but you can spend the money on anything you'd like. Keep listening for your chance to win and enter to win $10,000 through our website in the meantime. Good luck!