Today's a great day to be an Every Time I Die fan. Still riding high from their 2012 full-length, 'Ex Lives,' the boys are back yet again with 'From Parts Unknown.' The new album doesn't hit shelves until July 1, but 'From Parts Unknown' can be heard in full right now!

'From Parts Unknown' is album number seven for Every Time I Die, who have been mixing hardcore with a multitude of outer elements since forming in 1998. It seems like Every Time I Die are constantly releasing new music, but 'From Parts Unknown,' though only two years old, comes from a completely different place than 'Ex Lives.'

"I was just drinking all the time, I was f---ing miserable, I was fighting with everybody," vocalist Keith Buckley told us in an exclusive interview. "For 'Ex Lives,' the whole process of writing and recording was good. Like, f--- it. I'm in an aggressive band. It's angry music so I should be angry, so I'm just gonna keep being angry. Who gives a s--t? It got to a point where it was so boring, being angry is f---ing boring. So I kind of turned it up a little bit and then we started writing 'From Parts Unknown' and approached it with a different attitude. Now I like things again, having more fun again [Laughs]." Look out for that full interview coming soon.

Listen to Every Time I Die's 'From Parts Unknown' above and get ready for its official release on July 1. To pre-order the album, click here.