When you hear about the dangers of drinking too much, this is probably not what comes to mind.

A Utah man wound up in the hospital when he developed an infection after he won his office's eggnog chugging party.

Ryan Roche, 32, polished off a carton of the Christmas drink in 12 seconds and won a gift card to a steakhouse, but his victory came at a price.

Right after he was done, he had trouble breathing. Later, he began coughing and felt nauseous. He wound up spending three days in the hospital where doctors discovered the liquid in his lungs had caused an infection, a very un-macho way for developing a very scary problem.

Roche's bounced back and from now on, maybe he'll just stick to the standard beer chugging contests that make a man feel like a real man.

You can see Roche chug the eggnog below.