The level of respect offered for late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen at the 2021 Grammy Awards was on the minds of some rockers and commentators on Sunday (March 14) after the airing of the annual music awards show's "In Memoriam" retrospective.

Not that the Grammys forgot EVH or anything. The name, likeness and the signature Frankenstrat of the legendary guitarist who died last year all shone brightly for several seconds during the broadcast's customary look back at those we've lost in the music world. And it showed Eddie actually playing his music, more than some others in the segment received, as can be seen in the portions of the program shared across social media — check some of them out below.

But it's perhaps the brief amount of time the Grammys could spend on Eddie Van Halen that has certain voices speaking up. Sirius XM radio personality Eddie Trunk was among those aiming their displeasure at the tribute, saying in an Instagram post that he was "beyond outraged and disgusted" that the Grammys couldn't do a more substantial EVH memorial "in a more than 3-hour show."

Van Halen III singer and Extreme frontman Gary Cherone also spoke up about the Grammys' Van Halen tribute, as did Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho and other rockers.

"Maybe an Artist that reimagined how one plays an instrument, who continues to influence generations of musicians and, literally changed the course of rock 'n' roll deserves more than fifteen seconds at the Grammys?" Cherone asked in a tweet.

Jericho took the perceived slight a step further, cautioning the Grammy Awards, "don't ever try to give my band a nomination, I'd rather win a [Razzie]."

Other viewers had similar concerns. "Seriously, THIS is all the [Recording Academy] could give Eddie Van Halen 'In Memoriam'??" one tweet fired off. "I'm disgusted and they should be ashamed."

But did the Grammys really try to snub EVH, or just give a broad overview of the many musical greats the world lost the last year?

What do you think of the "In Memoriam" EVH tribute? Should the 2021 Grammys have done something bigger and badder for Eddie Van Halen?

Elsewhere at the 2021 Grammys, Ice-T's Body Count took home the award for Best Metal Performance and Poppy performed a new song.

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